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By far the easiest way to protect yourself and your business from TCPA violations is to obtain written consent from your customer base, stating that they are agreeable to being contacted by you. Our user-friendly ConsentForm tool has been designed to collect written consent to contact confirmation from the customer in a quick and efficient way. By connecting the ConsentForm tool to our existing ConsentSMS software, we make it easier than ever for customers to opt in to marketing by guiding them through the simple yet secure process on their phones. Put your mind at ease knowing that your marketing team is only pitching to customers who elected to receive your communication. Thanks to ConsentForm, customer consent is just a few clicks away!

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Does your business need a DNC scrubber? That depends on how you feel about your employees spending billable hours manually scanning and comparing millions of numbers on the DNC list. If this sounds like a huge waste of time and resources to you, then DNCScrubbing is your best solution.

Our easy-to-use DNC scrubbing tool takes the elbow grease out of DNC compliance by automatically comparing your existing contact lists against the DNC database. Any DNC numbers that are found on your lists are permanently deleted or “scrubbed” from your records, ensuring that your sales agents can never accidentally phone a DNC number and land your company in hot water. 

Rest easy knowing that your business is following the guidelines set out by the TCPA and banish thoughts of lawsuits and costly fines that could damage your business and its reputation. Getting to work with DNCScrubber couldn’t be easier or more convenient. Simply follow these steps to success:

  • Step 1: Choose a subscription plan that suits your business needs and register your account.
  • Step 2: Set up your software by selecting the options that apply to your business and its customer base.
  • Step 3: Upload the contact list that you need analyzed.
  • Step 4: Click the submit button and let DNCScrubber do its magic.
  • Step 5: Download your verified DNC-free contact list and start making calls!

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Businesses across the country are faced with a new obstacle on their path to attracting and converting customers : the DNC registry, an ever-threatening presence that becomes more prominent every day. As you are reading this sentence, the federal DNC contains over 640 million numbers and more are added every day. While the numbers climb, your ability to access new customers via phone calls is rapidly declining. Throw into the mix the increasingly costly lawsuits pursued by litigators against DNC violators, and even the bravest business owners will start to think twice before picking up the phone. 

There is a solution for this problem in the form of DNCBlocker software. Born from 10 years of experience in the telesales industry, DNCBlocker is the safest and most cost-effective solution to securing your telesales campaigns. DNCBlocker plugs our DNC sourced database directly into your team diallers from our centralized remote location. We then block the numbers on our DNC sourced database from outbound contact. It’s that simple!

We get our data from the most accurately compiled DNC and Litigator lists in the industry and follow the DNC and TCPA regulations in precise detail. Your business is completely safe from the spectre of an unintentional DNC call when you partner with DNCBlocker!

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Imagine if there was a way for your business to sidestep the dreaded DNC and contact potential customers directly without any fear of being in violation of the TCPA. Sounds too good to be true? Think again! According to the DNC guidelines, you can contact anyone via their phone as long as you have their consent - that’s where ConsentSMS comes in. The main goal of this clever tool is to enable businesses and other call-list users to get consent to contact from their customers via a handy text messaging system. ConsentSMS will take written consent from your customers and record it as proof that your business is now authorized to contact these individuals. 

In addition to being efficient, easy to use and incredibly convenient, ConsentSMS allows you to build a relationship of trust with your customers that goes beyond impersonal telemarketing. While this software was developed for businesses, it is the customer’s user experience that is prioritized throughout. Verification is done within minutes via a link sent to the customer’s phone as well as a 6-digit pin for added security. Customers are also informed that they can opt out of receiving messaging at any time. Getting customers to genuinely like your business is the first step to turning them into lifelong fans, and with ConsentSMS on your side, your likeability is about to skyrocket. 

Add ConsentSMS to your arsenal of tools to create a trusted name for your business. It’s as easy as swipe, type, consent!